Weather forecast being watched for Cheltenham 2019

The weather once again is crucial for so many horses in the run up to the festival at Cheltenham .

We have had a year where most race meetings have been run on better ground that we normally see. The extra dry (and hot) February has also added to the situation, but what’s in store for the festival.

We have had some rain over the last few days and from now to the festival it’s blustery with up to 5mm rainfall by Monday evening, a further 10mm Tuesday morning, followed by a windy afternoon with showers. But that’s all then. I think it is hardly likely to change the going very much.

Of course, most festivals start on Good to Soft with last years being Heavy throughout the meeting.

I think it is expected that largely the conditions will be softer than we have had all season but I am not so sure that this will be the case.

The drying conditions may make for Thursdays and Fridays meetings which will than be run on the new course slightly better with the drying conditions especially if the windy condition continue.

As always the best guide to the conditions is the timing of the first two races of the day.

Whatever the weather good luck to all.

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