Live Stream Horse Racing Online From Anywhere

Live Stream Horse Racing Online From Anywhere

Possibly one of the oldest sports in Europe, horse racing offers a thrilling experience to both the jockeys and their fans. The sport hails from a primitive contest of stamina and speed between two horses in large fields with sophisticated monitoring equipment and large sums of money. This sport exists in four different variations, though they are all similar in that the horse that touches the finish line first is the winner. Additionally, the sport is very entertaining, though you may miss a race if you’re working over the weekend or when on vacation from town.

Whether you’re just a fan or you enjoy the Belmont Stakes betting, here’s how you can stream horse racing from anywhere in the world:

Live Streaming Horse Racing Online

If you’re a race fan but can’t afford to go to the tracks or catch the race on your TV, you can feel left out hugely. Fortunately, there are several ways to watch horse racing live by streaming the races online for free without having to wager on any horse. The two main options available include:

     1. Stream through an app or website

Thanks to advancements in technology, it’s quite easy to access a site or an app, whether you’re at work or home. As such, you can easily stream live horse races online through third-party sites and apps that allow you to watch any horse race from anywhere. However, most of them only offer 5-7 days of free trial. Nonetheless, you can cancel the subscription as soon as the race you want to enjoy is finished

Some of the best free apps and sites to stream horse races online include:


Compatible with Android and iOS, is the app for anyone who has a taste for Australian horse racing. The app streams live races from race-courses in Victoria through a free-to-air digital TV, and users can also stream from their mobiles and the desktop site. However, it doesn’t cover races outside Victoria.

     b. TVG2

Formerly known as HRTV, this live streaming platform allows you to enjoy races through their mobile app and online site. It’s easy for you to access live betting and streaming from their menu, though the app is only available for iPhone. Nonetheless, their mobile site is fully optimized for great performance on your browser.

     2. Stream using VPN

While your cable TV subscription might allow you to watch races online, you may not be able to access the site from certain locations. That means you might miss a race when you're out of town unless you’re willing to pay for a new subscription. Fortunately, there are lots of VPN (Virtual Private Network) services online.

VPN services allow you to switch your IP address to show that you’re in a location supported by your cable TV provider. As such, you can catch horse races directly from TV station broadcasting. However, VPNs are paid services that most bill monthly or annually

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